Monday, 1 March 2010

pot storm 10

encrypted fornication
referred to him as a "fuck buddy"
refusing to answer the question
dictation as the poem driving the poet
fractured mind flip turn
if in incurs
the two voices seem to merge
can go on forever
elegy for elegies
green grope
hair skin
just a metasexual
rope impish
symbolic substitution
geo-cultural allegory
jig-saw prostate
rim rib
lactose intolerant
transformation rational
loved her as a him, but he was a her
seemed letter
physical mammals
programme level
mind controller
chrome believer
start believe
hand held
stiff strokes
gopher great grail
wants to want or went to want
twist and betwixt turn and beleaguer
going to attack
about to do something
saying what your told to say
one day you will have to face it
gay teletubby animation
resist pre-texts
bore boar burr
kept putting one foot in front of the other
defending ourselves
pathetic as well as evil
keep banging it out
sun stream
and a great danger
sitting around in their death star conference room
are the fires out
people saying that you talked too.

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