Sunday, 1 June 2008

can texture be text.....

..........Or can texture be text?

Well, If we look at the works of people like Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton (especially some their manyfold collaborations) then yes. If we define writing as marks on a page that means something, then texture can be text. But what do we mean by meaning? Even writing with no semantic content can convey something at a base emotional level. It takes us back to the basic roots of language. If texture can be text, then can texture be sound? Well, any texture,pattern or mark can be interpreted into sound. Jaap Blonk(one of the great contemporary sound poets) has sounded lines and doodles of faces and of course the late great Bob Cobbing (were he still alive I would sell my soul to meet him) invented the sound text, a hybrid of a visual and and sound poetry. playing with language from the ground up is something I am fascinated with. Can sound be seen or pictures heard? in a word: yes

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