Sunday, 8 June 2008

Metal mescaline messiah.

Gold grows from the skin beneath my feet, lathering the rough leather patches with luminescence. I cut them off and they just grow back. Life stains my feet and the fumes sting my eyes. Letters jangle in my mouth like mercury loosened teeth, strung from red stained gumstrings. Notes sound from the twanged strands, opening wounds and closing thoughts. My eyes roll and thoughts turn with them. My irises rise and change colour. Blue becomes yellow becomes pink. Black holes puncture the pale pink muscle cloth. My fingers twitch (pink and sweat stained) and my knees rattle old show tunes in tinny tiny tones. Muscles tighten and snap with a ping! Flame licks skin dying pink folds red. Eye lashes tie each other up, tripping my brow up and making it fall over my nose. Blood drips out and pools above my lips. Bristles poke the air, ruffling my throat fur and making my teeth sing. Taste buds tingle and speech transcends logic. A metal mescaline messiah rises in from behind my sight and thoughts stain my life.

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