Tuesday, 30 July 2013

for gary barwin

up jumps flickerate,
    boogieing to free improvisation-

lugs base enters stares, loathes free change.
 rockets þrough þroat,

  tingle plexigraphix
    terms "underdrums".

climb plunder þumb blimp,
  vector neiþer rope nor text rhaph.

never intentions traction an

lovable cardiogrammatic dome swatch.
   nugget impeach synapses.

miltonian wing zippers of rote.
  canada demands another recount.

  sounds recall logoes on their moon.

nazca limes
taste better wiþ mescaline

un the sniffer
  walks with stridents.

done jams slacker mate
          jockeying  too improvisational.

1 comment:

gary barwin said...

you done jams slacker mate
you jams done mate slacker
you slacker mate done jams