Thursday, 4 July 2013


ball of honest.
swings of swinge.

loops of poor.
time links
to onyx.
pearl of peel.

un situ
tongues agape
gap pall.

tough unfun
pre ramble.
of a of.

rip para pull
ring funk
 dope on teil.

fur by based.
devil nexus.

gunga didn't.
ropes unswitch.
gold lace in simian
end dorm.

belle off end nest.
wink's of wince.

bulb procession.
never endure.
political edifice.

taciturn lectern.
indice in duce.
un dose.


rotates and rotates.
span roter.
glam adhesive.

town in sconse.
alien turgid.
dog curl.

a whisp of pollen


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