Friday, 5 July 2013

perfidious ion

beach burn,
pale texture.

muscle calliope.
junta grain.

angelic heresy,
spoons en atrophy.

guns an herder
clumps pips -

turns if offerage
suggests verbiage.

littlest gurn guru.
a state of ploy.

poetics as execution.
 vogon polari

sine fit epidemics

just it's its core.
as to about's turnage.

hurlen burn if.
stops table tappers

thru skeptic dispepsia.
roundabout dearbourne
of ans on ors.

asteroth risks,
manx "spirituality"

pistol-play exites
twink through barrel

unvert inverts

dyslexic obituary.

never ends the poem.
rather, poems the end.

done to done,
done too doom.

cancer rictus.
burns at pulling.

s and m
party gun rung.

alpha mimetic
gains to board.

canadian mismatch.
a merkin constitute.



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