Monday, 8 July 2013

from unheard

synthesiser sun.
burn and end.
and on an offer off.

grammar monk,
clean persephone.
done drone dump.

disjunct, injunct.
revolution in instalments.
verb adverb andverb.

wordploy pun un 'done .
or gleaming meme.
or dot pool.

jung bebe.
pincer tile.
alle uns answer.

 mere suggestion.
more invest.
ear thought.

alchemical passage.
infer non-euclidean noun-forms.
gunk unleash.

grass walk.
conceptual holiday ploy.
imagery inpossible.

glomping bund.
family kafkatrapping.

troll truck.
wrong to say "wymyn"

homosexual badonkadonk coined

terms lung poem

anger stun.
tone stain.

1 comment:

mike cannell said...

'done to be pronounced "done", as in "condone"