Friday, 12 July 2013

luft water

yule bloom.
fixate trounce
peel en form.

addressing him in
an foreign language.
boorish fun glands,

claggy end form
guts metal parasite.
ism interest

mouthy critic
clunk underture.
throb through
afrikaans thought
police. pull poll axe,
drift in turn to pull
an fort.

evil forms
eyes un grate
slippage, un temporal.
grab dialect through throat

freaky child form inter scary
eight dimensional bling fortress.

dress tinsel.
atomic mic mike.
rube olive fern.
anti-pasta neutrino,

“venus on the half-shell.”
 aesthetes go bad
gun gonad gull bait.
machines literate you're.
dwarf climate.

a poetry of skulls.
difficult para-savant-guard...
deterioration of decoration.

a style of vibrating tongues.
a squirm of great old ones-
(the stirs were wright)

collage collective
socialist mandate
i dripper.

assimilation of cultural
context vis-à-vis trans-mundane
porn robes from space.

ufos create replicants of
word forms,
spitting them into tear drops
in order to mellow out thought forms.

ball bunt.
orb on or.
or orb under.
under in form.

glance carapace.
spectre of comunitarianism.
philosophy through
dry river flight pockets.

trotsky's   kronsdat
adventure ends in
show tunes sing-a-long.

candle factory purse pillage.
rape in language.

intelligence margin.
oomph pal.
disjunctive fee association
will liberate from concepts
of semantic purity. 

gabble gable console.
underneath ascertains.
a lover of lung fish.

bennett underforms
fetus of extra-terrestrial
tusk blooms.

a burn of half-bent
coptic cadence candles.
sub sonic doom riffs.

disguise mountains in nevada
laser lazar.
pounces on parataxis.

effervescence of

yul boom.
fix it trance
pole in foam.

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