Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Air-vent gods breath.

Fleece floats down like a feather. It falls, pieces bundling together on the floor like fallen hair at a barber. It’s white, like freshly fallen snow-but it doesn’t stick. It sort of floats, just inches off the ground. The air between the floor and the fleece is golden. It smells of incense and manger-straw (tinged with donkey dung). I kneel down (face to floor and grin to ground), peering at this miracle. The air between the two layers shimmer and blur. It bleeds. Gold hops up and down. The breath of the gods made visible. Or maybe it’s just a nearby air-vent. I’m not sure. Could be either. I’ll take a look later. But for now I just stare at this psychedelic show. It makes my eyes bleed salt, but I can’t help looking and listening to my teeth chatter as I do so. I try not to blink (which is most likely why I am crying), so as not to miss it. I stay for hours, drawing puzzled glances from sheep shearers around me. I don’t care. I love this light and can’t help myself. I am hypnotised. And as I stare at the gap between the fleece and the floor, I start to turn into a sheep.


troylloyd said...

fleesh fleten fleesh
flota finish to florr,
freekwing fether forma
forefeeling 'mongst
flocculence softly
shear'd shaggymane
hoveren clouddrift
airglow 'n solar geolu,
fleesh fleten fleesh.

donka dyngja such smellen
witha inscent
frankin freepur
odorata murru
labdanum to laudanum -

florrbord grundgrinnen,
eyeshot onna eyeline
level tween level
apeer gazen muchly
musen uppo mirus mirari.

inna schimeren
byways bleden brightgold
aflake afallup 'neatha
freekwingish windswift
fromma fetherfly'd breth
godsped visripping.

these vents
bleed teeth
shearing sheds
needa shepherde,

showin' nicest lights
where notno blink
gonna missit,

gape the gap as
fleesh fleten fleesh
florr opena dorra
sheeply shapes

mike cannell said...

exellent. Here's a version without consenantts:

ee ee ee
oa ii o o,
eei ee oa
oeeei 'o
ouee oy
ea' ayae
oee oui
aio ' oa eou,
ee ee ee.

oa ya u ee
ia ie
ai eeu
ooaa uu
aau o auau -

oo uie,
eyeo oa eyeie
ee ee ee
aee ae uy
ue uo iu iai.

ia iee
yay ee io
aae aau 'eaa
eeii ii
oa eey' e
oe iii.

ee e
ee ee
eai e
eea eee,

oi' ie i
ee oo i
oa ii,

ae e a a
ee ee ee
o oea oa
eey ae

troylloyd said...


lighght ubulb wowewnt

yr response was a lightbulb moment for me in relation to soundpoetry & an effective conversion of written semantic material into something resembling a phonemic score which nearly vocalizes itself off the page in this readers reading.

it resembles many of the classic scores for soundpoetry that i've come across,

but the lightbulb was how you extracted & condensed the vowels -

i can't believe i've missed this aspect when considering soundpoetry, the technique has a wide range of possibility & configuration & combinitory dimensions.

i know it's perhaps selfdefeating to search for meaning in certain things and some things are meaningful precisely for their meaninglessness or resistance to meaning-

but the exercise you've carried out has helped add meaning to my percepts of soundpo & the range of dynamics involved -

so thanks for the lesson in soundsight!

mike cannell said...

glad I could help,mate. I may make a recording of myself vocalising it and possibly manipulate it and make a text-sound compostion out of it, then publish it on this blog. actualy your poem resembles a sound poetry score. kind of reminds me of John m Bennet.