Sunday, 11 October 2009

biology of language part 10

square chin, slip go lightly. thesaurus tooth. low dishonesty. clinging to fallacies. dining on light bulbs (not ideas). frozen music. soft regeneration. new faith. bladder punctured. no missplelling fownd. identical buildings. a smooth talking verruca. snooze alarmed. the linden trees and dark grass. galleries with no art . tv with nothing to watch. radio with no sound. language without meaning, meaning without language. escalator movements creating zeds in the air. realism for a tv drama writer is not what it means to you or i, to them it means gritty violence and mockney accents.merely moves to the outer 'burbs. letter riot, boot to the groin. bibliophile en plein air. gender mentioned but misplaced. linguistic transvestism. turnabout tea leaf or thief or thieve or there of. oil paint thickened in twirling strokes, lumps like boats on turquoise seas. poetry should have ideas, but the idea should not be the only content. slip slap page edges slitting the fingers. once again there are drunk people outside my house (the irony is not lost on me). conceptual poetics can get stuffed. lip service to lip surface. if i return, i return. giving language a face-lift. is against monopolies of all kinds. quaffed gentleman harangues school children. is knowing someone on the internet really that different to knowing someone in the flesh? canada sprouts great poets like blades of grass. britain is a dessert with the occasional oasis.more matisse then morris. so many great poets dead, and yet andrew motion still lives.... but here the product was the land itself. hard sound scape fetus. recreation of life rather then actual life. phrase bends to the weight of other phrases, the paragraph collapses. clown falls over, audience laughs-ambulance called. they shoot green piece. pie pops, cherry drips down her skin. jelly in mouth gravel under feet. gobble gregarious babbling brock. a sedimentation of cholera. scoops out handfuls of mud, my bleeding tooth. anything for a quiet live. rick shah's for sheik shards. wing yesterday critique effervescent. gogol engender forget churches. kensington gore (guts and vowels). tile red like blood, but as solid as tooth enamel .

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