Thursday, 22 October 2009

para-dime shaft.

could, if god context sleeps for all enmity. shoal of fishing complex nerva beacon bloated reagan legacy. jump the sharp. is there evil the world? thicken the plot. stream of unconsciousness. time pollution . if it could be said. spoken above thought. spot drip clang. i miss him. sort of,ok, i suppose. an awkward triangle. in the direction of intention. just to finished. dandelion tamer. the revolution will not be terrorized. holistic book. creep slight drone. i am not funny, not foamy, not coming there, not going here. wires to the head. i will susan you. lack of capital letters is not a spelling error. (sic). your feet, sir. not found in the notations. chance operation. number number number. just knowing your voice is in the world. better to listen to cow-bells then to beethoven. philosophy as a form of suicide. 20th century cuisine. shouting in a crowd. most famous for. sound vibration. rather interesting. bill bisset tercet bile. she could,she would and she did. he's not wrong. everything is as it should be. sound collage, unsound college. heh. lol. far enough, i can accept that. intercept bridge. well it could be noted. sun,sun,sun,sun, moon,moon,moon,earth,earth ear th ear th. oh well.

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