Friday, 16 October 2009

spiiral (this was going to be a poem in 3 parts in e-book form but it pretty much finished early and i'm all long poem'd out for the moment. )

“all true language is incomprehensible, like the chatter of a beggar's teeth.”

antonin artaud

linguistic prosthesis. skin burn page as bone. shit hits the fan, brown emulation in scatological rings. how far , if indeed any further, can poetry be pulled? until taut, stretched over bones. she said she liked me, but not that much. in the film he met him in on the aeroplane, but in the book he met him on a nudist beach, arranging drift wood into the shape of an enormous hand, time and the position of the sun effecting or affecting the accuracy of the shape. a plurality of styles is inevitable. a melding together of such genres and disciplines until there is nothing but an immense sea of references and textual/textural/visual/aural/oral hyper-dimensional para-intellectual consciousness spreads out and engulfs us all is just as unavoidable. the flesh of the cactus had hallucinogenic properties. drawing a nude with his eyes closed, he suddenly realised that wasn’t his pencil he was holding... ring rim rail racket. god does not exist- but nietszche says he is dead, though nietszche is dead too, so does he exist? liquid testicles. ‘patayphysical spiral spurning the cyclic mandragora helix. i find foreskins aesthetically pleasing. spoon! arrogant radio broadcaster smarms the interviewee. gum champ, pull toungue. rubber stamp. absurdists pool resources produce a radish dish. this is my opinion of your opinion. writing more freely. rice grains on indigo velvet. sling salt over your shoulder, pixels in the heir. drench spittle. arose petals arrows pedals errors petra. a spiral for all seasons. interest sound. amused clap. red skin under the arms. gotterdammerung inter dimmer rung. apple hit it hat attitude chroma keel. petal inserted into typewriter, stamping letters into space. note a fan. list of amusing english village names. he made a major mark. solid ape radial. zoom obra. self portrait as ludwig meidner. sin is a man made concept. dog pol pot pill pen pal poll. strap against chest. zoom in on detail. new actors/ new writers. the whole world is staged. full stop bullet hole. if words carry weight, how much do they weigh? (and should we care?) . grind fold, flip strange globular trench hedging your bets. busy as always. magical chimera shifts dialects, styles, shapes, thought into language and language into thought. phases and phrases, moons and dialogues. fierce fears fear’s feats feat. four out of five. shadows of the future, something is coming. tall skeleton, short skin. stars bleed. a bullet in the gullet. freedom and peace cannot be enforced through the barrel of a gun. fawn frock coat. blood weave. satan has rejected my soul. capitalist letters are insipid. tying the fabric in so that it doesn’t overflow. phrases become fluid. breaking it down to the letters. creativity does not equal monopoly. no borders, no boundaries. in slip forage uchenw otter bloat symmetry. rim mirror limb lamb chew fetch open borrow singe grant sad loss. shine idea bursts forth. personal mohammad. we thought angels had come down, but it was just the birds. cut you down to size. forrest trim. string theory ties up feet. fall over into another earth. weep for him. slim sized blind god. the texture of thought. brainy paving. the spiral eye mesmerises the weaker hand. lungs oxygenate the voice. huff and pant, gasp and groan. skittles skits or skittes skats or skitters skit. shallow knives and fallen warriors or worriers or wyrd ears. jarry jar, gym gin jam- jim-jams. i want to go beyond syntax, beyond the outer structures of language, beyond the word, perhaps even the letter. hegal haggle goggle gaggle grim groan, golliwog golly gosh grain gramme. scrimshaw seems pall prat. if it can seem to be , can be seen to be, can be saw to be , see-saw. up the wooden stairs to buchenwald. Anything can become problematic if you stare at it long enough. fasten your seed belts and let’s go! not all those sightings can be fake? all at ones. a be see de-ey. crimson avenger. stream rip later. scans scams scrams screams. killer clowns from myspace. spools spin spooks spat. christmas cruise crusoe. wed wedge. sea weed. see wheel. shirt neck. property is fifth. sweet behind the ears. time war thyme train warm. inner ear throb. shave asemic characters into your scalp. wind chimes. slip s’dream. best american poetry, breast armenian puppetry, brazed are men poop literary.“wee maul set way show late rapture off our rest elves. we way nut toby and elbows all, to be humming.”ant onion aorta due. for pout oaf fife. shade owes oaf fee suture, somme thingist combing. toll skelton, shot sink in. tars lead. a bull tat in the gull tat. free dome hand. peas cane knot bee engorged though the quarrel of a bun. phone fuck code. hood we’ve. santa was dejected by sole. communist latter’s are in sapid. trying the fey brick on sow hat eat dowse not over flew. faces bee coma flu. reeking it done toe the litters. eat invitee do’s note ed dual moon poorly. no board errs, no on dories. in lip for age nap tune of tar bal oat seem entry. ra m mar roar lid mob la mob been gab la feet chi nope en burrow is née rant sad loss. she one idea a bur sets for though. per sonar mocha mad. we thou our gut an gels had cue do win, use it as jug ts the bi reds. cut you do win to size. for rest trim. string theory ties up feet. fall over into another earth. weep for him. slim sized blind god. the texture of thou gut. bra inky pa vying. the ira eye mess me rises the we asker and. lug nags oxygen neat the void cue. hub and ant, gad an giro an. skit toes skew its or ski ties so ants or skit herbs ask it. show oval low knew ives est. and fan x gall en ark zeros or w on ricers or wry rd ears. carry jaw, guy gin jam m- jab m-ja ms. i way nut to go bye nod sin tax, bye nod though e our tar struck tares of long usage, boyo nod though won rd, per apes eve en the let there. he gal hag glee gag glee gad gale grow i’m giro an, gull wig go lily go show grow in grab memo rim shawl see ms p all at. if it can se em to be , ca n be eden to be, can be swab to be , seas. up the den stat ire to bud chow enwrap ld. ant thing can beacon me pro bleb attics if star at it lo knag ego ugh. fats ten yo ug se ed be lutes an d let’s go! not all the ugh of e sigh tin can be ache? all at on . a c d e. cram son aver niger. dream ripe latter. cans scans crams creams. idler clod nuts for miss ace. sop oils sip n sop ox at. chirp mass cru isle cry use. red we doge. say we’d. sea we’ll. sort knack. prop arty is fib fist. Saw eat bah and the ra. i’m were though me try ain’t war. in nerd though rob. she aver sae mic char caters into your alp. and chi mess. slap sidearm. boast amber icon po entry, ber sat arm anion puppy entry, bra zed are men late ray. spool if flange repeat. scandal jam. repeat reverb. trapped in the oxymoron vortex. conquest of the phoneme spillage. tongue tried. kill skill through word combinations. jester just jest adjust. newer font created by putting holes in leaves.para graphic. casual six. lots of bangs and crashes. fireworks on book pages. hunterwasser on acid burns street corners. throat spasm epic glottis. politics no more, more no politics, no more politics, no politics more. should infer inference through interference. without all the techno stuff. petri dish for geek. alien possession. strings ring glad fool. shot for what we belive. a snapshot in time.


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