Saturday, 10 October 2009

biology of language part 9

speak only when spoken to. american cheese. bloated syphilitic or. magic words. cherub feet. grass uprooted,gas tickling yellow against the pages of elliot's book (cats aside).to hear what he heard. lovers of brothers. that dare not speak it's name. clinging vines on a brick wall a green flower on a lapel. traffic changes, man does not. if ever,if ever. experimentation is like breathing, you should only stop doing it when you're dead. scream down the streets. pencil drawings of nudes.take the bus to there. i saw him change colours. negative light, positive dark. never likes youtube comments. idle chatter. all blues fanatics. papers piled high, edges curled from the light.a photocopy is no less of value then the original(when there is an original) clean lines, dirty shading. chocolate milk with gingerbread men. the raw roar of the heater, chasing the heat away. tail between teeth, skin peeled back. is anything real? i feel disconnected, someone plug me in. coins on floor, bullets in sound. clattered. ground,canvas, keyboard, paper. slip slit yellow ochre flesh. skin paint/ paint skin. finnish, english or fine-ish, eye lash or e lash or n lash or or or. if never, never if? variation is not cloning. you can keep your andy warhol(i prefer his drawn nudes). we are what we are and other excuses. senior moment. gold book. love hearts on glans. steeped in meaning. mind reality pious. susy sue, siouxie sioux. xerxes's. flicks fluxus and flight. old before his tome. two fingered master. spanish flea. bottle bones. mattress suppression. to define northernness, and seas castles, lith dancing, totem poles, terrestrial sputniks and crosses. faith-based belligerence initiative. skin me alive and pickle me in de sade, desnos, bataille and baudelaire. flowers of either. sniff snifter snaffle. geese waddle page trimmer turn. if for if of.

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