Monday, 26 October 2009


full stop waterfall belated grief overload wants to buy a dildo springs a sir prize fling flange grin farce summer bingo twinge saute hotel fiasco trend bald headed blogger and the hairy men who loved him can can girl can't count backwards to birth dali was a copraphiliac royalist moron if to concern typewriter like beetle flying over a landscape of crumpled rejection notes zest modern creep suzette repulsed by feces due to incident when he was six toothpaste distorts the taste of tea tang of semen at back of throat computer router on the blinking eyes turning tears rolling tender proboscis gland glad fish float rain like prison bars weakened facial muscles endemic hairball junta finger pull key bode chri$tma$ jingle commences schizophrenic episode in government created mpd sufferer (shoots a leader on command) ticker tape parade for the king flag draped coffin heroin shipped by bush anything involving al gore has got to be a sham sister principle nuns look like uncircumcised penises if your stoned enough clingfilm over a corpse hairy palms transgressive meatballs and free associational trinkets baubles for the victors roman villa on toast burnt to charcoal a painting by neo rauch a parcel full of mail art damn strikers, sometimes i wonder why i'm a socialist probably because i'm human mickey mouse was gay too devil is in the detail murdering softoys with perspex wind shields captain america has down's syndrome fuck me if they didn't elect an actor instead of a politician lucky i'm an anarchist cos i know voting is bullshit t-shirts with his face on it toenails gain sentience and move to basingstoke liberal leprechaun canadian snow print universe podium rather author invert.

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