Tuesday, 27 October 2009

fmachinery 104

i received a copy of the latest issue of daniel f bradley's marvelous periodical, fmachinery today . it's up to it's usual high standard, of course. all the poems are by Carlyle baker, a poet whose work i don't see enough of but i certainly think his work is really rather marvelous. he did put a comment on one of my blogs (i forget which one) , asking if i would like to publish his work in wÜrm but as i had no way of contacting him it never went anywhere.

i am allways willing to support and promote the work of others when i can, which is of cource why i set wurm( and k=o=l=l=a=p=s before it) up in the first place, to show case interesting, innovative poetry and i certainly thing there is something very interesting and unique about baker's work.

i definatly recommend you contact Daniel and get him to send you a copy. it's very much worth it.

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So long Dumbass said...

Daniel F. Bradley is a uniquely untalented individual. Seeing him drunkenly strike out on women he is hitting on at bars, sweating on, while is wife is around is as sad and disturbing as it is laughable. His work is irrelevant, and his claims that he doesn't care if no-one reads his work (they don't) would only be admirable if he wasn't the biggest self-promoting, ambitious and conservative hack around (which he is). Wish him well on his "career" for me.

Lester Barnes