Wednesday, 28 October 2009

birthday poem for matt dalby and daniel f bradly

ring worn vapour estrangement develop atrophy time vertical sphere gorgon slice totem argue shin guard slim peel riotous incendiary cling thoughts epic steam mushroom endgame sleek strasse cloak wand radcliffe gourde sensory prelapse sonne lump pie kit essence prostate slow burn born beetle asteroth mail hurt slump inprisonment yesterday seven bangle cling filmed sour taft canadadanac voot clitoris klaatu barada nikto stump extra sensory perversion skinless supermodel censor simpsons stencil mansons sensor mansuns since her men's sins sling film drool to pour.

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matt dalby said...

rusted nails unficl seamus heaney committing an act of self pollution or leaving his scent pigeon brick [disallowed html here]trace[disallowed html here]strike reverse graffiti word verification attend escape paired brown struck functional fore sur action singular event is ego toxicity alternate mark possession pro aromatic vermin component impress suggestions depress clear stain textual confirm present elude double