Sunday, 4 October 2009

the biology of language part 3

articulation improved for packaging. poetry written by pressure groups. spill a poem on a plate and watch it squirm. swimming with your clothes on. i am less posh then my voice suggests. class war is a silly periodical. we live in a society that is defined by inequality. no one is free. the orgasm made her lips quiver the shape of some alien alphabet. man on tv drops f-bomb. anatomy of a dialect. decorative tongues. if i want query suggestions when i use google, i will ask for them. there is something both beautiful and frightening about the city at night. are all policemen pigs or are all pigs policemen? a fist in the face at the slightest protest. liberty for sale. verdigris. letterbombs explode on the street, creating soundpoems on the tarmac. bowler hat on an american. tea leaps leaves amok amoco glean an addendum. has a ridiculously long scarf. crime always pays, when you write the laws. diplomacy with a gun. you cannot enforce equality. the only terrorists are the government. be ready. soap in the mouth. when there is a "o" in the month.a mouth piece with a skull and bones. my dear,my deer, idea. not a not, more a quota. grim remarks remove ears. you've got to know where i've been.leaders are parasites. pseudo-anarchist clap-trap. dim paladin. dope oils the wheels. glimmer bullet of death.

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