Monday, 5 October 2009

the biology of language part 4. (for troylloyd)

skins nose ring. muscle flexes tongue lick. spell a stop,spiel a slop. hawkwind played backwards. paragraph after paragraph spoiled with black ink. book tissue infected by puss. sing a song of sexpest. dream of greener passages. indian rope tic. slit throat sings new song. did i say cricket ball? anyone for tinnitus? cat sleeps on lap, slips on lip. boot to mouth. if i ruled the world, no one would. automatic response. teh ceiling kitteh speeks lik dis, srsly. drink all the seas, lick all the continents. asbestos eyelids. would be like heathen to touch. stun sturm stun. a pollen count on a diadem. strobe lighghting. dunderheads repeat old poems. drift blip rhododendron dodecahedron. pill popper popemobile. tender loins. he stammers with fear. dismantling language. napkins for lap pins. the decline of a civilisation described through it's architecture. permeable performable texts. glandular secretions. zip up the slit, all the better to hide the wound. for fir or fur, for fear, fop flip, fix fizz. 'pataphysician heel thy shelf. fish peels like a fruit, skull strides open like a sliding door. non-figurative: "tom and alice stood side by side in the lunch line. " metaphor: " tom and alice stood side by side in the lunch line, two pieces on a chessboard." pataphor: "tom took a step closer to alice and made a date for friday night, checkmating. rudy was furious at losing to margaret so easily and dumped the board on the rose-colored quilt, stomping downstairs." grind, ground paint a painting of a painting or a photograph of a photograph. clitoris clatter clings clung to mung. turns language into a course towards it's own excess. venus de miro. phoenix envy. the frame for the painting. a poem becomes super nova, then supernatural. no one likes a tattle tale. i play him on a long string. beetle brow and cotton spine. audience laughs at things that should not be laughed at. universe tweaks or twitters or quivers or quavers. torpor head rape. poleaxe a pig, torque torquemada import a dictionary onto the mainframe. my language is neo-analogue/post digital. flix flux flax.


troylloyd said...

"asbestos eyelids"

brakedust ramparts)paraparagraph)bring me the head of Robt. Frost)skullslung autoglitch)hessian & heathen streaming freekish)sturmstunnery)lashback s/ cutthru klipperkut)fear as lynchpin guiding civilised etiquette)thank you)perforation mancing any every hole)mousetrap)sidesidbe)lunchlines in trampland)hobo for hire)"that train jes kepta comin')chess'd boardway broad clean sweep)scataphysician chunkup tummyguts)postinfo scramble-sets on fullthrottle thrusttorque)if is if & if it ain't it ain't if)maybe)lunguage nothin' but breath)writing is finger feeling surface)TOUCH.

mike cannell said...

touch(for fear of fear itself) slungskull,skroll scrole (flipstop, pitgrip)UFO (major require "e")Jarry,jolly (tubegreen bisexual bycycle) u boob (bobbing up blip-side, slide of morality) can cun cunt glossary forgotton foghorn)slightly lift of thinking, slightly left of thenking. drench wench overb(or)ed spill common blood,foollinh floaf. dada akbar!