Tuesday, 6 October 2009

biology of language part 5.

clean in open. forget pile of electronic sheets of circuits, tesla sparks a light for a cigarette (non-tobacco). balls fall out of his ears. semantic 'splode. turn language back to meaning? not on your wife. government as wurm food. floor pixel, pavement pizza. split my trouser crotch of ofella awful foolscape. pere ubu, rationality is irrationality. dada dumdum, fluxlist listing to an angle an angel. rushed by time. a father wants me to get dressed , re-assessed fur uni. pliable plasticine explosives (blows up language, destroys syntax in order to) can't be said on radio. she doesn't quite trust bernstein, but prefers him to flarf. writing after l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e; it is possible to do, but not in the same way as before l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e. quote this backwards to see this feeling. god, you can't say that (i'm not saying it, i'm writing it!). question everything. question representation. philospophy in earnest. speaking a reading a knowledge a rotation.apartheid afrikaans/ slot in a problem where applicable. grate a vocabulary against your ear(you can hear the sea). spatter blabber rob blubber rib snicker. read the previous line; does it contain meaning? autopsy,rather then post-mortem, pickles instead of gherkins. speak english, not american! do you you think in a language, or does your language think in you? hop scotch.hop scottish,hip skittish. simile simpleton. read the textbook or text the readbook or the text readbook. narrow language must be destroyed-widen it out, now! mongrelise or decay! conservatism is conswervatism is building a mausoleum for poetry. am i a, or a i am? s'bollocks anyway. photosynthetic. a play on words, a play on worms or wurms or warns or ones or wants.interesting language is, by its very nature, is distortion. atmosphere is genocide is atmosphere. just making delivery's (not liveries) to apportion (not abortion) the blame (not blancmange) . bullets for guns that fire flags( merdre inscribed on somesuch, in suchsome, not somme socks- soc s ohm) and blow raspberry ( no rhapsodies). iz speling standardicabl? or is standardisation spellable? computer says know. not gnome, i mean not known, i mean not home, i mean net hume, i mean i don't know what i meme, i mean mean or i meme mean or means meme or means memes means. is home or has home or has homo or as homo,domo, domination-nomination. is technique or technical or tunic or teknix, or tectonic ( not gin and tonic, i don't think i don't drink). garbled sentence or past tense or pest tents or part prat trat,trad,trade. long poem, poem long. rhyme unnecessary for slime. got to say or at least not say, in other words write. those who can't/teach. pwoermds for potters who pot in plastic (or concrete). ring, ring or rang or ring or lord of the rings or lord of the rims or load of the rhymes. rim a rim of rosies a pocket full of poseurs. gendarme gender socks on a radiator. beers for queers and wine at nine.
i prefer not to haiku, when i have the flu.

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