Wednesday, 7 October 2009

biology of language part 666

pshitr. geordieland/gangland/gangrene. epic poem cycle with this as canto the sixth. slip 'round sparks or slap round spock's or spic rind spackers. nose bleed pumps red oil, america invades my face. pill plopping patronising grand primate of the pseudopod. to mean offence,a fence,defence. gringo's lingo defies narration. omniscient, my foot! satan wants me for a moonbeam. free association meet-hook. georgia on my mimed. passion, or lack of,was never the problem. into the fold, into the folded. that's the magazine and that's the cover. face to phase. god in the marching. deuce eat marquis na. satanic deely boppers. kleptomaniac. blasphemy is always a sweet thing, and i love to sin. approaches photography in the same way he paints the same way he photographs. god is a golden calf who doesn't trust its foot (but loves its knee). i think i see therefore i have eyes. in the kingdom of the blind, the window is king. hopety,hoppity, hap. the love child of steve mccaffery and kurt schwitters. black and white, coin edge by coin edge. eh, nature boy? brain in a jar, rain in ajar. ajax to filofax. ufo's over berlin. wrapping the world around my glans. the grass is always greener on the afterlife. blue hair looks fine in cartoons, but not on "real" life (nothing is real)."1bdi". i am an am i. full stop lull pots. sings in esperanto. distorted pose, distorted prose. fossil fumes. confidence lacking. when i write "i" i am not referring to the real me, there is no fixed narrative in this poem and no fixed narrator. polypointofview. as many teeth as possible. neither the truth, nor the trove,nor the trachea, nor the tapir. mole hail. spot czech. i'm a time traveller, i point and laugh at archaeologists. grind, groaned, gold opra. this is my magnum opus. kinder to say phish, then fish, then ish,then engish, then english. the romantisation of tramps is dispicable, because homelessness is suffering. a man named hopelessness.serene in his stupidity. gland flops. devil wings, a halo shaped like the letter "h". interrobang for heart. got to love it. sneaky bastard. impro fold nine. "knowledge Brings Fear" shroom fever, landing strip. wing wing wing ing it. i am an alien. author atheism alert!

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