Thursday, 8 October 2009

biology of language part 7

positive change is always fought against by those with a vested interest. tick are tape parade in march. more murder,commander? lip blip in the power machinery . letter dance. writer's concrete block. sultry singing between the ears.... computer circuit canvas for painter. comma coma, cone a come here. nearing the end. has the gas chamber wired for sound. ramses, colossus. an attraction to gun barrels. microphone oboe ubu. native temper. spear fear. forgo repression. let temptation in. easy streak. "it" meant everything to me and just "it" to you (third-person,singular neuter pronoun (subject case)). feels the need to explain(where others do not dare). pills to make you smart. masochism. pushing buttons to put on a shirt. warsaw saw war, warsaw. and, and, and and. roll lips, push tongue into roof of mouth. taboo baboon oboe blow job. perhaps what you hear is what you see(unlikely). duo sonic sound break. receding herr line. glasses need to be polished by someone polish. dunce cap for ewe. must learn not to trust words so completely. white men with guns. america goes to sleep again, just the same as everyone else. a flag: half black,half ochre (freedom). love is a four letter word, as is hate. skins his knee. fog machine inducing asthma. brain rain. click off to end illusion. quite a stunner. never forget a face. cliff top tiff lop. never mind the bollocks, here's the pex sistols. guns of never home. ghetto speech ghettoises the speaker. earth reduced to a cinder. a post-rophe. repeat re-run mancunian photographs. loud speakers speak volumes. liar electric eye. tomorrow i may spazm. the colour of cold custard. single century birthday(candles warm earth). maggots in body. bury me beneath a library, so that i may die informed. glad to be of suffice. not a concern. cod botherer.

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