Friday, 9 October 2009

biology of language part 8

simple form mimics conception. leaf fall ,fall leaf, fall lee, fall e, folly. built to deify man. grand schematics. plot lot plat. derek bailey, guitar gog. ear bleed. html error. carpel phoneme syndrome. peptide release. quebeq (topographically fascinating). gender repay soliloquy. tongue licks teeth, teeth bites voice. spit out sound. throat wobble aerodrome sneeze mountain. latter rodger sneaks stub. is feeling icky. blogger agog meat meet god gland. sneak a look at the forbidden. word without representation. language is not an information transmitter, try to squeeze meaning out of this: qhje djdjd fijg iktgjf spofkps jksndsdsha aidiawjdi iadwd! you can't, can you? still language, simply non-verbal. abandon tradition. embrace lan,gua(ge. slip stream the un-evolved. spire metre fog hernia. phonetic sausages. shark chomps on helicopter, while thinking of ornithopters, drive by shooting privides cinimatic kicks! book ladle info snap. never checks wolf. feather swallowed by man, comes back up as a bird. fry pages in batter and get a heart attack reading.learning to play again. tarmac chafes epidermis. the whole concept of censorship is tyrannical. razor sharp beak of black bone, tearing flesh. post-language. bubble flames from throat. newspaper anagram bullet post. tranny tyranny. yellow field talk. a typewriter, beetlelike, teeth chattering and biting-spattering out letters like the bruises on a protester that has been shot by rubber bullets (big, black extra nipples). a third eye, a third i, a turd aye, a tear high. a rupture in the pail mist of reality. hyper-dimensional taut ontologies. i knew when i wrote it. sound in sound or sound. the beast pervades. water spilling onto water, yellow on green. pull the chain of events. i woke up with the word "shakespeare" on my lips and went to sleep with the word "burroughs" there instead. new logo, mirror who. slash sash blotto.

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