Thursday, 1 October 2009


yes! that's right!
i am starting a new podcast! K=O=L=L=A=P=S is still comatose, but at some point it will wake up.

no, l,angu(ages)paz,m is something new(for me). it's just my work(as opposed to being an audio based magazine) and is an experiment in that it will have no differentiation between "individual" sound poems, monologues, thoughts and non boring/non pretentious theorising. it will be everything flowing as one molded together into distorted vibrating sound pieces and even then are individual episodes individual episodes? hmm.. perhaps. Also, i will primarily improvise when writing them/it. i'll sort of splurge it out and see what happens.

more info when i've actually written and uploaded the first one (i use the word write in a VERY
sense, as i will be writing in sound).

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